Our Favorite Events
Intramural Sports
Each semester, we field a number of intramural sports teams comprised of both brothers and potential new members. This is an easy way to bond with other members of Theta Tau and come play on a team where we lift each other up and practice team work and communication skills. We have even had the pleasure of being Intramural Champions for the Fall 2017 season!

Daily Table
Daily Table has been our longesrt standing commnity service partner. For the past two years,we send several groups of brothers every semester to  the Dorchester location and help with food prepartaion or packaging as part of our service with them. 
Relay for Life
As part of Theta Tau's dedication to community service, we require all of the brothers to attend spring's Relay For Life event at BU. Each of us spend several weeks collecting donations from family and friends, and have a wonderful time sharing stories and contributing to success of the event. 
LinkedIn Photo Workshop
Profession is one of the core values of Theta Tau, and we take our careers as engineers very seriously. We have had multiple events regarding professional development, one of which provided each brother with a quality headshot to display on their LinkedIn profile.  
Big/Little Reveal
Upon acceptance into Theta Tau, each members receives a 'Big Brother' who becomes a mentor and a friend to their little. Big/Little reveal is a fun event where the big brother gives their little a gift, and they leave to get to know each other a little better.
Escape the Room: Boston
To relieve some stress last semester, a group of our brothers went to participate in Escape the Room in Boston. It comes as no surprise that a group of engineers was successful! We clocked in at just under 50 minutes!!! 
American Red Cross Blood Drive
This fall semester, our chapter collaboarted with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive in the Geroge Sherman Union. Through our drive, we were able to collect 66 units of blood and donate our time to a great cause!
Brotherhood is one of the most important values in Theta Tau. Once a semester we get together and bond through activities, games, and having fun.